Unified platform for refugees from Ukraine
Unified Source of Information
Access to reliable and comprehensive information is an inherent right of every individual. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights recognizes the right of everyone to freely seek, receive, and impart information without any boundaries. The main goal of the Ucenter platform, a center for Ukrainians, is to ensure that individuals are heard, understood, and accepted.
main issue for refugees
The main issue for refugees from Ukraine in Norway is the lack of a unified centralized source of information, both at the local and general levels. The majority of information that refugees receive comes from chats in Telegram, Viber, Facebook, and personal interactions with other Ukrainians. This information is unconsolidated, chaotic, and often contradictory in nature.

Why are there not enough government sites?

Let's imagine
Let's imagine a typical refugee from Ukraine who does not speak Norwegian or English.

How to schedule an appointment with a doctor? How to set up internet at home? How to pay for mobile phone service? Where can I find a community of people to socialize with? Where is the nearest post? How to buy a transport pass? How and where to order firewood?

And over 30 more questions of general and local nature. Where she can find answers to these questions?

What we presented is not imagination, it is reality for tens of thousands of Ukrainians all over Norway.

Do you know what's going on?

"False information is just like any other weapon; it can cause great harm when it falls into the wrong hands."
-Aung San Suu Kyi, politician and Nobel Peace Prize laureate from Myanmar

Do you know that Ukrainians are often involved in fraudulent schemes through chats, assuring that this is help from one organization or another?

Do you know that there is a discrediting of the Norwegian authorities through false information?

Consolidate public, private and volunteer organizations into a single information center for Ukrainians - Ucenter.
How It Works


Collect the most frequently asked questions from chats in Telegram, Viber, Facebook, open polls in chat rooms for Ukrainians and more.

Information search
Search for additional information to solve the most common issues and problems among refugees from Ukraine, necessary to understand and solve the problem from open government sources, requests to relevant authorities, public organizations, etc.
Interpretation of information
Formation of answers to the most common questions and identification of the most difficult moments in the integration of Ukrainians.
Communication and application of information

Use of processed information for distribution through a single Ucenter platform and consolidated groups and channels in Telegram in Ukrainian language


Creation of a single specialized office where Ukrainians can apply with various questions

Thanks for taking a look at my offer

My name is Sergey Smirnov, I am a refugee from Odessa (Ukraine). My personal refugee journey in Norway allows me to see the problems from the inside and offer a solution that may be in the future.

This experience can be adapted for other categories of refugees from different countries and make their integration into society more comfortable, easy, and stress-free. This, in turn, will contribute to a more progressive and humanitarian society where everyone can be heard, understood, and accepted.

Letˆs talk: 4cnorway@gmail.com