We always said, "you either pay for the reputation now, or you pay for it later but twice".

We aim our work with your reputation at ensuring that people see only good reviews about your goods or services on the internet.

Nowadays, people ask Google for reviews about services or products and watch reviews on YouTube, before paying for it. You will never book a hotel with a bad rating on Booking.com. In the same way, your potential customers will forgo using your product or service because of bad reviews or a lack thereof. There are four ways in which we address reputation.

1. We help to build and strengthen the compound reputation of a reliable company.

2. We promote positive search results in Google and other search engines. Customers will see only the necessary information.

3. We remove harmful and unnecessary information using legal methods.

4. We publish articles on the most popular websites to attract the attention of the audience and place your website in the top of search results.

It is more profitable and practical to continually monitor the reputation and its positive course, rather than always correct the consequences of negative ratings and reviews. Otherwise, the company almost certainly begins to incur losses.

Implement a set of measures to maintain a stable and positive public image with 4C!